Max Payne 3 trailer brings Bullet Time to multiplayer

Max Payne 3's main campaign may be a solitary journey of bullet wounds and self discovery, but the game's multiplayer mode is anything but. See how Rockstar is aiming to make Max's online fight just as stylish and chaotic as his solo adventure in the studio's new multiplayer trailer...

Max Payne 3's multiplayer mode will feature the series' hallmark "bullet time" mechanic, adding a new level of strategy and flair to the game's online gunfights. The move will also be available in Payne Killer, a mode wherein gamers will team up as Max or his partner Passos and take down waves of invading enemies while chugging painkillers and popping heads in slow motion.

Rockstar is also using Max Payne 3 to launch its Gang Wars feature. This multiplayer mode will allow Rockstar Social Club members to form individual “crews” and compete in story-based matches against competing factions. More than just a one-off novelty, Rockstar is planning to extend its Gang Wars mechanic to future games like Grand Theft Auto V, thereby allowing “crews” to stick together through multiple titles.

Learn more about Rockstar's multiplayer bridge in Max Payne 3's multiplayer “Crews” to connect with Grand Theft Auto V, and prepare for the 16-player slaughterfest in GR's preview, Max Payne 3 multiplayer details – a chat with the lead designer.

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