Mature games remade for the Wii family

Grand Fit Auto

Combat those calories with Niko Bellic and Brucie Kibbutz in Rockstar’s Grand Fit Auto. After the peerless success of its morally dubious crime capers, the developer has decided Wii gamers should be able to join in the fun. There’s no need to worry about subjecting your overweight offspring to violence, though, as the only thing you’ll be fighting on the streets of Liberty City is those excess pounds. And thanks to the Balance Board, all those car jackings and assassinations have been replaced by carb workouts and aerobics.

The Wii family seal of approval

Not So Brutal Legend

Visionary developer Tim Schafer brings his unique and creative talents to the Wii with his latest project, Not So Brutal Legend. Hot on the heels of the PS3 and 360 games, the Wii version subtly tweaks the heavy metal-inspired adventure for gaming families everywhere. And where Eddie Riggs and other rock stars once conquered demons with their brand of ear-bleeding ballads, now they play instruments like the ukulele, keyboard and triangle, as they try to brighten up the lives of the residents of an old folk’s home.

The Wii family seal of approval

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