Matthew Lillard and Orlando Jones head to Ye Old Times

Dressing comedy stars up in medieval clothing rarely leads to quality laughs, especially as the hit ratio tends to be less Monty Python And The Holy Grail and more Black Knight.

But David Arquette, Matthew Lillard, Orlando Jones, War Of The World’s Justin Chatwin and Jack Black are hoping to buck that trend with Ye Old Times.

It’s a tale of two acting troupes one (featuring Arquette and Lillard) who put on cheesy medieval plays at a dodgy Renaissance fair, the other (led by Jones and Chatwin) who are serious Shakespearian types and loathe their low-rent opposition. Oh, and then there’s Black, who will crop up at the start and finale to bookend the film with narration as Professor Shockworthy.

Writer Robert A White is launching his directorial career (actually his career full stop) with the proposed laugh-fest. Let’s hope it’s not also the end of it…

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