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Massive first look at Gears of War 3

Sera is quickly overrun, with massive casualties. Shorn of supplies and leadership, the remaining small pockets of human resistance revert to tribalism. Guerilla tactics rule, and every day becomes a battle to stay alive. In-game, humankind’s sorry state is shown by their cobbled-together, improvised tech. Shiny chrome is out.

Damon Baird
Not just a peroxide haircut and some goggles, mechanic expert Baird joined Delta from Alpha squad in the original Gears. He dislikes Marcus Fenix at first, but is won over by his skills.

Marcus Fenix
War hero of the Battle of Aspho Fields during the Pendulum Wars and leader of Delta Squad, Marcus is the Lancer-toting rock which humanity clings to. Check out his new, sleeveless armour.

Anya Stroud
She used to look all sensible, but after a sexy Emo makeover, Anya is ready to kick both Locust and Lambent ass. A co-op character, she’s also a much-needed dose of femininity.

Dom Santiago
Marcus’ best friend, poor Dom lost his bro Carlos at Aspho Fields and had to mercy kill his beloved wife Maria in Gears 2. He now sports self-loathing and an ace beard of regret.

Augustus Cole
The ‘Cole Train’, a former thrashball superstar, is a ’roided up hulk who loves battle. The loudest, brashest dude on the battlefield, he’s playable in Gears 3.

Jayson Stratton
Delta squad newbie, ‘Jace’ is fresh from the Gears of War comics. He hero worships Marcus Fenix, and actually has a cheeky cameo in Gears 2. He’s one of the co-op characters.

Raven's Nest

It's the new floating COG HQ and humanity's last refuge...

Water view
Raven’s Nest is a retrofitted aircraft carrier. It’s also the location of Gears 3’s opening level. Check out the tents and gardens covering the decks. It’s clear this ship’s proud fighting days are over. There are families huddled on-board, and now the aim is to simply stay alive...

It’s good to stalk
This more frightening scene shows the Raven’s Nest surrounded by sinister Lambent stalks. Nowhere’s safe as the stalks are capable of vomiting Polyp and Drudge attackers onto the ship – making our heroes’ lives a misery. Little is known about this new alien race for now, except that they hate both human and Locust with equal passion!

Ashes to Ashes

Welcome to the city of Char – fiery husk and the first casualty in the war...

Do you take ash?

Char is the apocalyptic setting for the Gears 3 Ashes to Ashes trailer. The city was scorched by its own side -by desperate COG humans who used the Hammer of Dawn orbital WMD to kill the alien Locust, but burnt half the planet in the act.

Ash statues
Players will fight amid Char’s mummified corpses, frozen in ash and terror by the suicide strikes. The scene echoes the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, which was destroyed by the volcano Mount Vesuvius.

Ash as symbol
In Gears 3, Char becomes a soul-searching symbol of sacrifice and the brutality of total war.