Mass Effect: Sex scene controversy an "interesting experience"

Remember all that fuss over theMass Effect sex scenethat was spawned by Fox News not really having a clue about what its 'experts' were talking about? Looking back CEO of BioWare, Ray Muzyka, says it was all "an interesting experience."

Speaking to CVG at a recent EA press event, he explained, "At the end of the day, we're proud of the content in the game. It's all appropriate for the rating that's been assigned, the Mature rating, and it's got adult themes. It's very tasteful, but it is an emotionally intense scene, and there's a number of similarly emotional scenes in the game, not just romances but across the board - different relationships between characters."

He added, "I see videogames as an art form, and they're an emergent art form. They're a commercial art form, but they're still art regardless. And the good thing I think is the fact that people are talking about that kind of scene; it had an impact on them.

"It proves that videogames are an art form and proves that Mass Effect is an innovator in that. It's in some ways leading the way and willing to push the envelope a little bit and actually deliver stuff that's really compelling."

Courtesy of CVG.

May 12, 2008