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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition runs at 120FPS only on Xbox Series X

Mass Effect
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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has revealed its visual and framerate upgrades on all platforms.

In a new blog post (opens in new tab), developer BioWare pulled back the curtain on the visual enhancements we can expect from the upgraded trilogy next month. Chiefly, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has two new modes: "favor performance" and "favor quality". The first of those will prioritize the framerate of the three games, while the latter boosts the visuals.

When it comes to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the trilogy, they will run at either 1080p at 30 frames per second, or 1080p at 60FPS. Next, the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series S will run the Legendary Edition trilogy at either 4K in 30FPS, or 1440p in 60FPS.

Finally, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are where the big boosts come in. Whereas Sony's next-gen console will be able to run Mass Effect: Legendary Edition at either 4K UHD or 1440p with 60FPS in both modes, the Xbox Series X can run the trilogy at either 4K UHD in 60FPS, or 1440p at 120FPS.

That means the Xbox Series X is the only console that can run the remastered Mass Effect trilogy at 120FPS. That's on the console side of things, while PC players can ramp up the frame rate of the trilogy to a maximum of 240FPS, while tweaking around with the graphical settings of the three games.

These graphical enhancements are the perfect news to complement the trilogy's brand new photo mode. Last month, BioWare revealed that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition would feature a brand new photo mode for all three games, which you can use to take the best photos of your favorite crewmembers.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches next week on May 14, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. If you're trying to place an order for the remastered trilogy ahead of time, head over to our Mass Effect Legendary Edition pre-order guide for more.

For a list of the best enhancements and new features BioWare has implemented in all three remastered games, head over to our feature on the 10 most interesting improvements coming to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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