Mass Effect demo: new screens, first details?

Sept 17, 2007

During a recent interview with Dr. Greg Zeschuk, co-founder and president of the mighty BioWare, he let slip a few words on the possibility of a demo. When asked point blank if there'll be a demo, we were told, "We're still thinking of the exact form the demo could take."

We then pressed further saying, "So there was/is one then?" to which a distinctly nervous Zeschuk replied, "Probably... I'm being particularly noncommittal... Our goal would definitely be to have one depending on time challenges and things.

"I can't remember who said it, I think it was Mark Rein, I'd hate to quote Mark (laughs), but it's a huge challenge getting a game and demo out around the same time. We're still thinking about how exactly that's going to play out. We're clearly running out of time, though."

If you were sitting there in front of him, it was obvious from his reaction that there's a demo in the pipeline. Fingers crossed it's in the pre-release phase. We can't wait.

Check out thefull interview and feast your eyes on somenew screens.

Courtesy of CVG.