Mass Effect: Andromeda devs asks fans to continue feedback - uh, you sure about that BioWare?

Hoo boy. The Mass Effect: Andromeda team has put out a notice on Twitter, thanking players for their critiques and asking them to continue providing feedback. The studio also says it will share its "immediate plans" on April 4 - but whether that means fixes or DLC announcements or something else is anyone's guess.

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Just as a reminder, that "feedback" BioWare is referring to resulted in the harassment of an EA employee, which led to BioWare issuing this statement:

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To be clear, a game developer and publisher should not be exempt from criticism just because they have provided a product that is part of a beloved series. However, they also should not be issued threats against their physical well-being or subject to harassment. Ever.

Now, I know the majority of you reading this aren't the ones issuing these threats and giving gamers a bad image. But if you know someone who is, maybe point out to them that BioWare isn't inviting further harassment, they're inviting feedback - and you can be critical of a game without, well, being a dick about it.

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