Mass Effect 3's live-action Fight trailer debuts, first review spotted

Mass Effect 3's live-action “Fight” trailer doesn't offer anything new in the gameplay or story departments (neither is it 100% “live”), but in terms of generating sensations of “Sweet mercy, I can't wait to play this”, it most certainly delivers. Watch the video that Walking Dead viewers enjoyed last night:

Last week's CGI “Take Back Earth” trailer did a much better job of tackling soon-to-be-dead-girls running through sunflower fields, but “Fight” definitely captures the overall tone of the Mass Effect series. Expect BioWare to release an extended version of this TV cut closer to Mass Effect 3's North American launch date on March 6 (March 9 in the UK).

This weekend also saw the arrival of one of the first console reviews for the intergalactic sequel from the German video game publication Gamestar. Snippets of the article include reports of a 15-20 hour main quest (40 with sidequests), enhanced character customization, over 90 minutes of cutscenes, and a greater difficulty level than previous games. The review also praises Mass Effect 3 for being the best of the series, while docking it some marks for the low-res textures and "slightly disappointing" graphics.

Highlights of the translated review have been posted to the BioWare Social Network, where Mass Effect 3 fans have already started picking it to pieces. Warning, we suggest you wait for our own review unless you want you want to read a few spoilers or get dragged into another PC versus consoles debate.

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