Mass Effect 3: Not happy with the ending? Choose one of these 20 alternative endings instead

10. The Titanic ending

Normandy gets hit by an unfeasibly large asteroid while Shepard is having some sex. Normandy sinks. Everyone dies except a bunch of rich people who use Wrex's buoyant corpse as a makeshift life raft.

11. The Fight Club ending

Shepard is actually the Reapers all along.

12. The Night of the Living Dead ending

Shepard survives the final fight, but is shot by an Alliance marine who mistakes him for a Reaper. Everyone gets put on a bonfire. Shepard's extensive collection of fish are later distributed amongst the citizens of Earth as a goodwill gesture.

13. The Planet of the Apes ending

Shepard is actually Earth all along.

14. The Independence Day ending

After uploading a virus to the Reaper mainframe, Shepard launches a suicide attack by flying the Normandy directly into the Reaper mothership. Everyone aboard the Normandy dies. Except Garrus, who turns out to be Will Smith.

15. The Crying Game ending

Shepard is actually FemShep all along.

16. The Village ending

Shepard flies the Normandy to the edge of the universe only to discover the universe is actually an enclosed encampment somewhere near Pennsylvania. Everyone is incredulous.

17. The Jurassic Park ending

Shepard is surrounded by Reapers. Suddenly a T-Rex hastily cloned from DNA extracted from a Prothean artefact bursts in and eats everything. Everyone survives except the space hamster, which suffers an allergic reaction to dinosaurs and dies.

18. The Lord of the Flies ending

Renegade Shepard turns feral and kills the pig. The grown-ups arrive before anyone else dies. Everyone goes straight to bed without any supper.

19. The Street Fighter ending

Shepard does a shoryuken. Everyone dies.

Matt Cundy
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