Mass Effect 3 first image of squadmate James Vega released via Twitter

To celebrate his 10,000 Twitter follower Executive Producer of the Mass Effect SeriesCasey Hudson (opens in new tab)released the first image of James Vega %26mdash; or rather, he directed people to theMass Effect 3 Twitter account (opens in new tab), which released the image of Vega:

While Vega has managed to get himself aMass Effect Wiki page (opens in new tab), we still know very little about the brawny tattooed man beyond that he's an experienced soldier and has an affinity for fitted t-shirts. He will be a squad member, but it hasn't been revealed if he's temporary or fully recruitable %26mdash; whatever the case, he certainly won't be as important as Garrus.

If you've been following ME3, you may recognize him as a redesigned version of James Sanders, a character whose name was changed after his existence was revealed early in the development process. Good for you if you did!

There's been plenty of discussion over his appearance, and Vega has already been called everything from %26ldquo;male eye candy%26rdquo; to the next Jersey Shore cast member. The debate has yet to be resolved, so if you think you can bring people to a consensus, let us know what you think in the comments.

Mass Effect 3 is expected to release on Mar 6, 2012.

Jul 18, 2011

Source:Twitter (opens in new tab)