Marvel's marauding mutants must face judgment as Judgment Day arrives in Marauders #6 first look

Marauders #6 panel
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Marauders are about to face down AXE: Judgment Day by looking the sins and good deeds of their pasts right in the eyes, as the newly launched Marvel Comics event reaches Marauders #6 when it releases on September 7.

But before then, the publisher has released a new look at unlettered interior pages from Marauders #6, which showcase some of the memories and visions each of the mutant team's members experience as they face final judgment by the Celestial known as the Progenitor.

As seen in the pages below, Sabretooth's former partner Birdy also appears in the issue, on loan from her regular appearances in Legion of X.

Here's a look at the pages, featuring art from Andrea Broccardo and Matt Milla (writer Steve Orlando's script and Ariana Maher's letters haven't been added yet):

In AXE: Judgment Day, the entire Earth faces judgment from the Celestials as they choose whether to wipe out life on the entire planet, in the midst of a three way fight between the Eternals, Avengers, and X-Men.

In Marauders #6, each of the team members is "given a chance to justify" their existence  - and according to the solicitation text for the issue, not all of them may prove their case.

"Who proved their right to life? Who failed?" it asks.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

But worry not - as intense as that sounds, there's a silver lining, as the solicitation also mentions Detective Lockheed, so there's bound to be some fun peppered into the unfolding drama of all people on Earth having to defend their own lives from being destroyed by an existential cosmic force.

AXE: Judgment Day is now officially underway, with the first issue of the main title now on sale, and tie-in issues already hitting shelves. It'll run through November's AXE: Judgment Day- Omega aftermath one-shot.

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