Marvel launches new Morbius one-shot, while ongoing still on hold

Morbius: Bond of Blood
(Image credit: Tom Reilly (Marvel Comics))

Marvel is launching a new Morbius one-shot ahead of the character's 2021 film, even though the current ongoing series remains on hiatus.

Coming this February, the one-shot Morbius: Bond by Blood will revisit the vampiric anti-hero's origin to show, according to Marvel, why he is "such a unique and horrifying character in the Mighty Marvel Manner!"

(Image credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Marvel Comics))

"For those looking to sink their teeth into who Morbius the Living Vampire is, Ralph Macchio and Tom Reilly are truly embodying the energies from his origin to bring you a tale of intrigue and despair," series editor Danny Khazem tells Syfy Wire.

The one-shot will follow Morbius as he's drawn back into the life of his first victim: his former research partner Emil Nikos. Nikos' son is dying from a rare new blood disease and the Marvel vampire has the means to save him.

"I'm super excited to dip into the spookier side of the Marvel Universe with Ralph Macchio," Reilly says. "I have a soft spot for Morbius, in no small part due to the skill with which Gil Kane first brought him to life in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. I'll do my best to channel some of his magic to make this book a fun read!"

This one-shot will be released one month ahead of Columbia Pictures' Morbius, which was recently rescheduled for a March 19, 2021 theatrical release.

This announcement, however, doesn't answer questions about the Morbius ongoing series Marvel launched in late 2019 by writer Vita Ayala and Marcelo Ferreira. The series, like all of Marvel's titles, was put on hiatus at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. While other series have returned, this Morbius ongoing is one of the few that have not. To date, five issues have been released and three subsequent solicited issues remain in limbo.

Marvel has not responded to inquiries about the Morbius ongoing series.

Look for Marvel's full February 2021 solicitations later this week on Newsarama.

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