Marvel celebrates 60 years of Nick Fury this May

Fury #1 cover art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Nick Fury is one of Marvel's longest-running and most important characters, and in 2023 the publisher will celebrate 60 years since his creation with an oversized one-shot, titled simply Fury, which will tell several different stories set across the different eras of Nick Fury and his son Nick Fury, Jr.

Fury will be written by Al Ewing, who also wrote a 60th anniversary limited series for Ant-Man, and is in the midst of a similar limited series celebrating the anniversary of the Wasp. He's joined on Fury by a slate of artists each drawing a different era of Nick Fury's history, including Scot Eaton, Tom Reilly, Adam Kubert, and Ramon Rosanas, with a cover from Kubert, seen here.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Nick Fury is an entire history of comics in one character. Shifting from a tough-talking WWII Sergeant specializing in impossible missions, to an U.N.C.L.E.-esque secret agent beating James Bond at his own game, to a machiavellian man in the shadows making the gray moral choices we've come to associate with the evolving espionage genre," states Ewing in the announcement. 

"And when the original Fury went cosmic, his son followed in those same footsteps, doing all that with a modern spin and an eye on the silver screen portrayal of our favorite sci-fi spy-guy," Ewing continues. 

"So how to celebrate sixty years of Nick Fury? With 40 story pages of twists, turns, action, gadgets and old-school thrills - pitting the Fury family against a new menace with a mysterious connection to the earliest days of the Howling Commandos and setting both Nicks up for the adventures of a lifetime! Don't yield, true believer - back S.H.I.E.L.D.!"

Fury #1 goes on sale May 24. Stay tuned to Newsarma for Marvel's full 2023 solicitations coming later this month.

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