Marley & Me trailer online

The trailer for Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston’s new comedy Marley & Me has now gone online.

But let’s face it – the majority of Marley’s audience won’t be watching for the stars. They’re going for the dog.

The dog in question (or rather dogs, since we watch the pooch age and - trivia alert! - the film uses about 24 of 'em) is a hyperactive labrador with serious behaviour issues.

Based on a book

Taking John Grogan’s true-life tale as its inspiration, the movie sees a couple buy a dog when the man admits he’s not ready for kids. Their purchase turns out to be more trouble than either of them figured.

Yahoo Movies has the footage, which makes the pic look fun – even if it does appear to give away just about every emotional beat in the plot.

Just remember kids: a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Or scaring old folk in the street.

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