Mark Millar reports from the Kick-Ass set

Graphic novel scribe Mark Millar is a producer on the next adaptation of his work, Kick-Ass, which Matthew Vaughn is directing. And he’s just posted a report based on his first set visit.

If you thought he seemed happy with the results of Wanted, wait until you hear him describe this one... “I hereby declare Kick-Ass as the greatest movie of 2009,” he writes on his blog .

Sceptical? We were, but he’s ready for that. “And if you think that I WOULD say that as co-creator and a producer on the movie you're absolutely, 100 per cent correct. But as the months roll by and the trailers start to dribble online and you see what I just saw this weekend your heart will be beating that little bit faster too.”

“This is a movie about comic-book guys made by comic-book guys”

“Nothing - I mean nothing - can prepare you for Nic Cage and Chloe Moretz as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl,” adds Millar. “As I said to Nic after the first scene was shot on Saturday morning, this is a movie about comic-book guys MADE by comic-book guys.”

While he seems to be delighted with the progress so far, he singles out Moretz. “I have already nicknamed her Han Solo because she's going to be the one every kid wants to be when they see this thing as an illegal download,” he laughs.

While Wanted was fun but silly, Kick-Ass already sounds like it could be one to watch next year. We hope the film proves Millar right.

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