Mark Hamill had a different idea for the ending of The Force Awakens (and it involves Han)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was full of reunions; audiences got to see their favorite characters again, and those characters were likewise reunited with each other. But one pair never got to say hello (or goodbye): Luke and Han. Mark Hamill called it a "missed opportunity" in an interview with Fandango, offering up his own suggestion for what should've happened.

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"When I was reading it, I thought if Leia is trying to mentally contact me and she is not successful, she'll rush to [Han's] aid. She'll get close to him and get into some dire situation, and that's when I show up for a big 'yaaay!' I save her life, and then we rush to Han, and are in the same position that Rey and Finn and Chewie are — too late to save him, but witnesses."

Hamill said he thought this would add "emotional resonance" for Han's wife and best friend to be there at the moment of his death, at least moreso than "two characters that have known him, what, 20 minutes?"

I can't say I disagree, even if it would have made an already elaborate situation even more complicated. While his idea was obviously not implemented into the final product, Hamill said that he has "so many really terrible ideas" that he has shared with the new trilogy directors. He told Fandango he'd make a list of them in the future, and I certainly hope he does. Even if they're silly and not plausible, I'd love to hear more about how Luke thinks the saga should've (or at least could've) gone.

Will we see any of Hamill's ideas in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Even if not, we've got our own theories on Luke's destiny as a Jedi.

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