Mario Golf dev swings back onto Wii

Sept 03 2007

Veteran Ninty developer Camelot has teamed up with Capcom to produce theirfirst offering for the Wii, We Love Golf. First thoughts looking at thesescreenshots are of Tecmo's Super Swing Golf. Certainly it boasts the same bright and cutesy courses and anime golfers. But it also promises to take the basic 'swing Wiimote, swing club' concept further by adding in draw, fade, backspin and a whole host of other shot variations depending on how you swing the Wiimote. Certainly, with Mario and co. nowhere to be seen, functionality is clearly at the fore.

Above: Sand bunker hell. Just because it looks cute don't expect it to be a cakewalk

How well that will work in practice is yet to be seen, but with Camelot's fearsome golf back catalogue - from the aforementioned Mario Golf to the glorious Hot Shot Golf series on PSOne and beyond- we're not overly concerned. Release outside of Japan is yet to be confirmed. Suffice to say, we'll keep you posted.