Mario B-ball footage

Thursday 10 August 2006
It's the game that allows you to shoot hoops with the stylus and we've managed to get hold of some in-game footage of Mario Smash Basket, due for release on DS this November. Just click on the movies tab above to see for yourself.

This 3-on-3 basketball game has been given that unique Mario twist as there's a new scoring system in place. Instead of the usual two points for a basket and three for shots from outside the D, Smash Basket awards 20 points and 30 points respectively, but that isn't the end of it.

As Donkey Kong demonstrates in this movie, the points tally can be improved by scribbling on the touch-screen while your player is in the air during a shot - this in on the provision that coins have been collected from boxes during the move towards the basket.

When it's all put together it makes for some dynamic action and for one happy ape.