Mario and Sonic will sell 4 million - Sega

Sept 21, 2007

Sega believes that Mario and Sonic at the Olympics will sell 4 million units, equaling the feat of the original Sonic title released in 1991.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, which goes on sale for Nintendo Wii in November, will pit Nintendo and Sega's flagship characters against one another for the first time, and Sega believes it has a sure-fire hit on its hands.

Bloomberg reports that Masanao Maeda, a corporate director at Sega's gaming unit, forecast that the title will sell 4 million units, although he didn't specify a timeframe for achieving the milestone.

The target is equivalent to almost 20 percent of Sega's games sales during the last financial year ended March 31.

Sales of the title will no doubt be given a boost by next year's Beijing Olympics.

Courtesy of Next Generation.