Manhunt 2 ban locator on Google Maps

Never mind being under fire, Rockstar has had to endure a media carpet bombing this week (if you haven't been paying attention, you can catch up with theentire Manhunt 2 saga here (opens in new tab)) and now the publisher/developer has announced the postponement of Manhunt 2 's release while it considers how best to proceed in the light of the decisions made by the BBFC and ESRB. We're sure there are plenty more twists in the tale to come, though...

To help keep you up to date with the story as it continues to unfold, we've created a Manhunt 2 ban locator - using the delightful medium of Google Maps - which charts the current state of the game around the world. Where has Manhunt 2 been officially banned? Which countries are willing to peddle Rockstar's wares? What have the critics said about the game? Simplyclick here (opens in new tab) or on the image below and take a tour of the Manhunt 2 hotspots.

We'll be updating the Manhunt 2 ban locator as and when more countries inevitably jump on the banned-wagon and decide that they know what's best for their dimwitted citizens.

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Above: GamesRadar's Manhunt 2 ban locator - click on the picture and take a tour

June 22, 2007

Matt Cundy
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