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Man gets arrested trying to buy Xbox 360 with weed, confirms approximately 72 stoner stereotypes

There are three distinct layers to this throbbing onion of stupidy. Firstly, there's the fact that Evans tried to buy an Xbox 360 with two ounces of pot in the first place. Secondly, there's the fact that he decided that the best place to do that would be on the internet. Thirdly, there's the fact that he decided that the best place on the internet to do that would be Craigslist. Oh, and if you're desperate for a fourth - maybe you have a theory on a new, hitherto undiscovered level of human stupidity and need examples for your dissertation - then he was also on the look-out for grow lamps.

Above: Dramatisation, may not have happened

You know, those things that are a sure sign that someone's growing as well as smoking. You know, in case you're a cop browsing Craigslist for idiots looking to give you an easy afternoon arrest.

Deputy Doug Patterson is a cop. And more to the point, he's a cop who Sean Evans arranged to buy a 360 from, in exchange for two ounces of marijuana. He's also a cop who Evans gave his address and phone number to, and who promptly went round and arrested the crap out of him. He found 67 marijuana plants and a loaded shotgun there, so he kind of had to.

What have we learnt here today, apart froma basic "Don't be an idiot"? Probably not very much, to be honest. But if there's amore importantall-round life-lesson for general public consumption, I don't know what it is.

Thanks,Paradise Post, you bunch of lovelies.

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