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Make your Xbox Series X look a very tall original Xbox with this nostalgic skin

Xbox Series X original Xbox skin, photo by Reddit user marszciano
(Image credit: marszciano)

We're coming up on the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox this year, and what better way to celebrate than by making your Xbox Series X cosplay as its great grandparent?

Reddit user marszciano shared an image of their Xbox Series X clad in a skin modeled after the original Xbox, prompting nostalgic oohing and ahhing from the entire Xbox Series X subreddit.

My OG themed Series X skin from r/XboxSeriesX

The skin is made to look best with your Series X in the vertical position, placing the circular green Xbox decal in the center and the X extending outward. It even replicates that nice barred plastic effect on the edges of the console, though it's all a flat vinyl skin on top of the console here so you'll just have to imagine that cool clicky sound when you run your fingernail over it.

You can pick the skin up on Amazon for just under $14, and it also comes with two controller covers. They're literally just the Xbox logo with the big green X stretched over the front of the controller, but they will help you keep a consistent color scheme at least.

So far Microsoft hasn't teased too many of its plans for the 20th anniversary of Xbox; we know Halo Infinite is on its way in the fall with a new start for the flagship Xbox franchise, but hopefully we have some more surprises to look forward to for the Xbox hardware itself.

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