Make way for Armed Assault

Monday16 October 2006
PC gamers who recall the brilliant-but-buggy Operation Flashpoint will be happy to know that its sequel in all but name, Armed Assault, is progressing nicely - as you can see in these screens or by hitting the movies tab above.

While the footage is three minutes of build-up with no big-bang payoff - more about showing you Armed Assault's comprehensive military manoeuvres than the brewing civil war - it gives an idea of the kind of scale you can expect in this thinking man's shooter.

Above: Few games have captured the panic of war out in the open like Armed Assault's predecessor, Operation Flashpoint

Check our full preview if you missed Armed Assault the first time it got our war-senses tingling. It may not be the prettiest looking PC war sim on the block but it could be one of the most ambitious, and one no armchair general should overlook when it deploys early next year.