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Major League Eating: The Game - WiiWare review

See if you can choke this down


  • Briefly interesting controls
  • Toilet humor! Yay!
  • Online multiplayer


  • Repetitive
  • what a surprise
  • Powerups ruin competition
  • Lame fart and burp "humor"

Do you consider fart jokes to be the pinnacle of human humour? Do your sides split at the merest hint of a belch? If so, then prepare to scoop your intestines off the floor, because here%26rsquo;s the game of your dreams! Us? Well, if we found flatulence funny, we wouldn%26rsquo;t have better things to do than play videogames like this.

Major League Eating is, apparently, a real entity that shows events such as the %26lsquo;Las Vegas Chicken Chowdown%26rsquo;. Eerily skinny %26lsquo;celebs%26rsquo; cram 51 hotdogs down in 12 minutes as the Third World looks on sadly. The game%26rsquo;s surprisingly decent. You scoop up your food by making an eating motion with the remote, and then time your button presses to ensure that your gnashers (which rather disconcertingly move around your gob like a pendulum) chomp down on your food and not your tongue. Complicating matters, you have to adapt your eating style to the type of food you%26rsquo;re eating, and you have to watch your barf-o-meter (by waving the remote to settle your stomach).

This is acutually better than expected, which wasn%26rsquo;t hard, but ridiculous fart, burp and automatic, catch-up score equalizer power-ups completely ruin the arcade purity of the game. A real stinker, in more ways than one. The online multiplayer adds some value, but the core gameplay is repetitive to the max. A brief fad diet.

Aug 8, 2008

More Info

DescriptionMajor league eating - what else need be said? Eating online against friends is good fun, but the classic toilet humor is this game's greatest achievement and its biggest downfall.
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date14 July 2008 (US), (UK)