Magical Stardew Valley-like Wylde Flowers releases this Fall

Wylde Flowers Tara flying on a broomstick
(Image credit: Studio Drydock)

Magical life sim Wylde Flowers has got a September release date for PC and Nintendo Switch. 

Developer Studio Drydock has announced on Twitter that Wylde Flowers, a magical mix of Stardew Valley and Hogwarts Legacy, has received a September 20, 2022 launch date. The upcoming life sim is already available to play via Apple Arcade, but it will soon be up for grabs on PC and Nintendo Switch this Fall. 

According to the game’s Steam page, players will take on the role of Tara as she moves to the cute rural island of Fairhaven to help work on her grandmother’s farm. Whilst here, Tara will have the opportunity to do all of our favourite life sim activities, including meeting a cast of diverse characters, tending to crops, caring for animals, crafting, fishing, forming friendships, and maybe even romance. 

What makes Wylde Flowers unique though is that it blends mundane with magic as Tara finds out her grandmother, and later herself, actually has connections to witchcraft. Players will then be able to learn how to fly on a broomstick, brew potions, control the weather, and transform into a cat. 

With its cutesy visuals, calming soundtrack, and 35-60+ hours of gameplay, Wylde Flowers could be set to be your next favourite cosy game. Like all indie games, you can show interest by following the developer on Twitter and wishlisting the game on your preferred platform once it gets added to the store. 

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