MAGFest 9 photojournal and cosplay gallery – the best festival West Coast gamers never heard of

So, MAGFest 9 happened earlier this month. Never heard of it? You’re probably from somewhere west of the Mississippi. MAGFest, a.k.a the Music and Gaming Festival, is one of the best places on Earth to get together with gamers from all over the East Coast (and beyond, sure) for 24-hour games, panels, and concerts. This year’s event was bigger and better-attended than ever - for the first time in the festival’s history, the organizers had to turn people away for fear of getting shut down by the fire marshal. Still, we managed to get in and take pictures of all things MAGFestical, including composers you really should listen to and all those amazing cosplayers we love so dear.

Above: You know, this might be one of the times and places in history where you could hit on girls while wearing those costumes. Even you, Dr Wily

Above: Link gives off the quiet cool and Wonder Woman reminds us of that scene in Mallrats where Brodie and TS are arguing about Superman’s sperm

Above: Luigi and Portal’s Chell demonstrate there’s no need for gender bias in cosplay

Above: When there’s a job to do, they do it. Unless that job is smiling. The iPod is a nice touch, though

Above: Aww, it’s Mr. Saturn! Talk about giving it all for a costume…

Above: So the one on the left is Gengar from Pokemon, but we're at a loss for the one on the right