MAGFest 9 photojournal and cosplay gallery – the best festival West Coast gamers never heard of

And now for… the rest (because if it was all cosplayers, it would be a costume show and not a music and gaming festival.

Above: The “JamSpace” was open to all guests at any time for impromptu jam sessions

Above: One of the vendors sold authentic L4D “Peels”. Ah, dialect humor, will you never come off as not racist?

Above: You might not know him, but you love him. This is Danny Baranowski, amazing composer of the awesome
Super Meat Boy soundtrack

Above: This meager shot barely scratches the surface of the breadth of games on display. Don’t just stare at Centipede, Mr. Dressy Pants! Play it

Above: One of the arcade cabinets got covered in signatures, as per MAGFest tradition

Above: And the LAN room returned as well, for guests who brought their own rigs

Above: Larry Oji, from
OverClocked ReMix, and contributor for GR’s Game music of the day

Above: Musician and Remixer Danimal Cannon performed in multiple bands this year, including

Above: Andrew (a.k.a.
Zircon) and Jillian Aversa, two widely renowned game music composers and performers - that’s Jimmy Hinson, one of the composers for Mass Effect 2, providing the photobomb back there

Above: Brendan Becker, creator and undisputed “king” of MAGFest, wondering why his picture is last even though he put the whole damn thing together

January 25, 2011

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