Madsen wanted for Indy 4

Oh, these Indiana Jones people make it look so easy… James Bond can’t find a woman for love nor money these days but the fedora wearing explorer only has to crack his whip and the ladies are lining up.

The latest actress linked to the project is Sideways star Virginia Madsen – who just happens to star alongside Indy himself, Harrison Ford, in the upcoming thrill-spiller Firewall.

“She was an absolute delight,” Ford gushes, “professional, very talented and simply, very sweet. She also took what could have been a fairly one-dimensional damsel in distress role and added so many layers to it - there isn't many who could do that. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat. I'm actually hoping she'll come over for Indiana Jones. We've talked about it.”

Not sure how Ford’s missus, Calista Flockhart, will feel about her old fella pushing his new pal forward. Flockhart made her name on TV as Ally McBeal – and was touted as a shoe-in for the female lead role after the flick was announced.

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