Madden NFL - multiplayer hands-on

The third and final minigame is YAC Attack (that's yards after catch for those who don’t know). Here, you and the three other players take turns on offense, trying to complete passes and run the ball for more yards than everyone else. You rack up points by running yards or scoring touchdowns, but once you swap positions and take up defense, there's still a chance to increase your score.

Every person on defense mans up with one potential receiver. You'll get points for staying on your man, deflecting passes and tackling the receiver, but big points await those who bag someone else's man - they in turn lose points for blown coverage. It all adds up to a room full of flailing arms and increasingly expletive shouting matches. Could a football game ask for anything more?

Madden has never been a game for gamers, but the Wii version might change that. Look for more when it ships right alongside Wii next Sunday.

Brett Elston

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