Madden NFL 07 - Producer Interview

GR: What feature of this year's current-gen game are you most excited about/proud of?

JL: That%26rsquo;s a tough one. I would have to say either Player Roles in Franchise or the New Superstar Cameras and Controls. I%26rsquo;m a hardcore franchise guy anyway, so Player Roles is the most exciting feature I%26rsquo;m personally looking forward to. It completely changes franchise mode by adding roles that players can earn, such as QB of the Future, Shutdown Corner and Captain Comeback. Once players earn these roles, their impact reaches the entire team in-game and out of it.

GR: Please complete this sentence: "Madden is more fun than real football because%26hellip;"

JL: %26hellip;it allows you to interact with the NFL while sitting on your couch. Instead of just watching the games, playing Madden allows you to control what happens in those games. If you play franchise mode, you can take your favorite team to the playoffs every year.

GR: What's one player and team that you think we should watch out for, both in the game and the real-life NFL, who is currently being underestimated?

JL: I would have to say Steven Jackson from the Rams for the player and the Kansas City Chiefs for the team. Steven Jackson will get all of the carries this year in a much more balanced offense. The Chiefs will have a much better defense to go along with Larry Johnson, Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez. If they can get past some losses on the o-line, they could be scary good.

GR: That's it for us. Thank you for your time!