Luigi's Mansion 3's new six-minute Overview Trailer reveals an undead dinosaur and names two bosses

There's a lengthy new trailer for Luigi's Mansion 3, and it's chock full of new gameplay and cinematic footage. Like most of what's come out before for this game, the Overview Trailer showcases the gorgeously animated environments, detailed and unique floors, and creative boss fights we can't wait to jump into on October 31. This time around, we're formally introduced to an undead T-rex, as well as two of the bosses we've briefly seen before, Afro-DJ and (possibly) Captain Hook.

I should note that the Overview Trailer is in Japanese, and I don't speak Japanese. That means I had to use a translating software to figure out what the bosses' new names are, so I can't guarantee 100% accuracy. Afro-DJ I'm fairly confident is an accurate translation of the Japanese name for the DJ ghost in the disco. As for the shark, Google Translate seems to think it's Captain Hook, but that seems a tad on-the-nose. And just how we learn ScareScraper is called Terror Tower in the Japanese version, the English translations of these ghost names are likely to be different. I'll be sure to update this page if and when we get an English version of the trailer.

The Overview Trailer very much lives up to its name, beginning with Luigi's Mansion 3's opening sequence and exploring the single-player campaign before formally introducing bosses and transitioning into multiplayer modes. Most of the new footage is cinematic, but there are ghosts and areas revealed that I haven't seen in previous footage, like a pool area with a ghost that throws volleyballs at Luigi.

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Jordan Gerblick

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