Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthough: how to survive The Last Resort and defeat all the ghosts

luigi's mansion 3 walkthrough
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If you're looking to be efficient, then our Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthrough will help you clear The Last Resort with a minimum of time wasting. It'll tell you where to go, what to collect and generally save any time wasted by poking things uncertainly and getting lost. 

All you need to do is follow our instructions from floor to floor, finding ghosts, secrets and the pesky buttons you need to get the lift moving between floors and you'll be free of the spirit world in no time. And if you need anything else then we've got some more specific links here to steer you towards everything else. 

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Checking In

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Chat with a fellow guest over hors d'oeuvres, have your luggage handled by our incredibly quick bellhops, or simply approach the front desk to receive your room key. Check-in with the ghostly man at the front desk and he'll serve all your earthly needs. Then make your way to your room where you'll enjoy first-class lodgings with ghost feather mattresses and plasma powered showerheads. Once you've settled into your opulent new setting, consider losing yourself in slumber as an otherworldly view of a full moon eclipses your window. 

Your First Night in The Last Resort (5F)

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If you awake in the midst of the night, feel free to explore the halls of your floor. Beware of an appearance by another one of our guests, King Boo, who prefers to wander the 5th floor at night. If you do encounter him make your way along the escape route. The escape route for the fifth floor is down the hall and through the trash shoot.  

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Laundry Service (BF)

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Our laundry service is located in the basement of the hotel. Feel free to take a tour of the facilities but remember that any lost items or money found in the machines or in various locations throughout the room, are to be returned to their owners if found.

Parking (BF)

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Our indoor parking lot is located right next to our laundry facilities. In the car in the garage there is a Poltergust G-00 in the hood, go and get it so you can capture all the ghosts! Professor E. Gadd is on in the Mezzanine on the second level and needs help.

Our 24 Hour Facilities (2F)

The lobby is located above the laundry and parking areas. Be aware that three security guards to monitor the lobby in the late evenings. So once back in the lobby avoid the guards to reach the Mezzanine on the second floor.

Look for a painting, you'll know the one. 

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Get Gadd out of the painting with your Dark-Light by pressing X while aiming your vacuum at the painting! Capture any ghosts that appear. 

Head back to the garage and investigate the lab where you can store ghosts you capture, switch to the multiplayer mode, and buy things from the shop.

After that get to the elevator. Deal with the bellhop by using your vacuum jump (ZL + ZR) to knock the luggage out of his hands, then stun him with your light and capture him!

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Once you reach the elevator you'll discover the elevator buttons are gone! As you probably noticed the ghost dropped a button, so you'll have to capture the rest to find all the buttons.  Go back to the fifth floor and grab Gadd's suitcase, which has a few things you need and maybe some clues that lead us to Mario and Peach. 

Our 5th Floor Luxurious Suites (5F)

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If you want the length of your stay to be shrouded in style, then our 5th-floor suites are the premiere option for your stay here at The Last Resort. Multiple bedrooms, each with their own view of the surrounding valleys and pristine bathrooms, are laid out across the hall. 

Our Maid Service

We pride ourselves in having a quick and spotless cleaning service, from our head maid who focuses on the 5th floor all the way down to each and every valuable employee. You'll often see our cleaning staff moving from room to room, be sure to let them know if you need anything at all. 

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 Ok, I need my briefcase from my room, number 508. Get that briefcase and luggage out of the way, use your suction shot by pressing Y and then pull it with A! Wait, maids? Those maids are all ghosts, be sure to use the Poltergust G-00 to capture them. 

The head maid there should have one of the elevator buttons, try and capture her. It looks like she'll run through doors and walls if she gets away. She usually runs through rooms 507,506, and 505!  Use your dark light to track her if she gets away. It shouldn't take more than a few tries to suck her up with the vacuum. Once you get the button go back to Gadd.

Meet Gooigi. He's a new flubber tech I developed that creates a carbon goo copy of you. Press (R3) to spawn him and switch between controlling him and yourself. Use him to squeeze through bars and grates, fall through drains, and slide through pipes. He's quite useful!

Our Exclusive Shops (3F)

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The Last Resort contains exclusive clothing boutiques, jewelry selections, and an assortment of products that you won't want to gloss over. Take a galavant stroll through our 3rd floor marketplace and ask our friendly associates about all your Earthly desires. We'll make sure you're satisfied no matter what. 

All of our stores close at 10pm, please refrain from visiting the 3rd floor at anytime afterwards. 

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Luigi, it looks like all the stores are locked up good and tight. We need to find those elevator buttons, so let's explore! It looks like we need to get a key to open the register in each shop. Wait, that revolving door is closed. Check the bathroom toilets to find the key!

Perfect, now head through that revolving door. Follow that big ghost up the escalator! He has what we need. He's heading down that hall, pick up what he dropped. It's a Diamond Key. Use it on the Jewelry store on second floor. Gooigi should be able to slip through the security gate.

Use it on the register and another key should be inside, yes! It's the Heart Key. Head to the Boutique on the first level and use the key on that register. Hmm, a flashing light. Use your Stobulb light and grab that Spade Key.

Head to the second level again and head into the gift shop, open that register Luigi. Wait, it's gone? Use your Dark Light. Grab that Clover Key! Now head to the Barbershop, get Gooigi out, and use both your Poltergusst to blow the clovers on the sign! That should get the door open, use Gooigi to slip through the gate afterwards. Grab that last key, it should get us into the security room!

Top Notch Security

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You'll spend each and every night in The Last Resort knowing that you are safe. We only employ highly trained experts who know the ins and outs of every room in this hotel. We've spared no expense. 

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Peak through the blinds Luigi, this guy doesn't look so tough. Use that last key to open the door, let's see if he's got an elevator button hiding in that gut. 

Careful now...agh he went on the other side of that gate! Get Gooigi out. OK, Luigi- er, I mean Gooigi. He's wearing sunglasses, you have to remove those first if you want to capture him. Use your Poltergust to pull them off, just beware of his water gun! Once his sunglasses are off stun him and bust that ghost. You might need to do it a couple of times, too. 

Our Delectable Dining Experience

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Once you've worked up an appetite from perusing our marvelous catalogue, be sure to head back down to the second floor to sample some of the finest cuisine from this world, and the next. Just head up the stairs from the lobby and turn right, our five star restaurant is located at the end of the hall. 

Chef Soufflé is renowned all over the world for his delectable fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine, it's something you won't find anywhere else. 

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OK Luigi, remember that we're trying to get out of here, save dinner time for later. Capture any ghosts you see along the way but I think the Kitchen is our destination. It's on the far side of the dining room, get going!

Hmm, it'll be impossible to do anything with all this smoke...use Gooigi and your Poltergust to get rid of it! That's it!

Ah, Chef Soufflé, you're meatball tonkotsu ramen wasn't even that good! Get rid of his frying pan Luigi, use a plunger or a piece of food to knock it out of his hands. Once you've done that stun him and capture him! You'll probably have to do it a few times. 

What's that, a mouse? Chase it down and get the key Luigi! It should be pretty easy. Use the cheese to lure it out of it's hole if needed! Grab the elevator button once you're able to hit that mouse with your light. Head back to the elevator! 

A Unique Operatic Performance (4F)

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When the sun goes down it's time to sit back in our magnificently luxuriously theater for one of Amadeus Wolfgeist's timeless performances on the piano. He'll be accompanied by dancers, a full orchestra, and all sorts of other surprises. 

Just head on up to the 4th floor, turn left, grab some popcorn, and get to your seat before the show begins. You will not want to miss this one, or else. 

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Ok Luigi, musicians are usually pretty gentle right? Especially the Opera? This should be a breeze. Head down the hall towards the theater, use your vacuum jump (ZL and ZR at the same time) to jump over that rug and then capture the ghost. 

Wolfgeist should be between those two main doors, let's get him and that elevator button!

OK, maybe I was wrong about the Opera. Dodge those seats as they fall towards you Luigi, just keep moving until they are all used up. Then capture those  ballerina ghosts just like you did the security guard, remove their masks with your Poltergust!

OK, now for that Pianist. Watch out for when he tries to slam the piano on you, look for where it's going to land and get out of the way. Once he's back on stage grab one of the bombs he threw some bombs out, grab one and shoot it back at him! Then use your plunger to grab the piano and slam it. 

Now's your chance, stun and capture that musical madman. Do it as many times as you need to! Oh, look! It's a Toad, use your dark light to free him, bring him down here where it's safe!

Knights of the Round Table (6F)

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Have you ever wanted to go back in time and experience all the wonder and fantasy of a Medieval tournament? Watch horseman charge on horseback, spears drawn, directly at each other. Witness a King, in all his might and glory, deliver a final judgement all on the 6th floor. 

Before settling down in the arena for a show, take a tour of an authentic Medieval Dungeon, feel a real Knight's suit of armor, and see where 16th century wine was brewed. It's a once in a lifetime experience. 

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OK Luigi, you need to make your way down this hall before you can get another elevator button. I don't think these ghosts are up to anything good in this creepy castle. Once you're outside the gate, use Gooigi to squeeze through the bars and pull the rope. That'll get you inside. 

Keep heading deeper into the castle, you'll encounter some big ole spikes. Use Gooigi to cross them and pull a rope to make them go away. If you see any ghosts with a shield, use your plunger to get those things knocked away!

What's that? A Dragon? Weird, I don't think those were around...ever. Grab the torch with your Poltergust, Luigi. Hold it up to the Dragon's mouth and use Gooigi's light. That should do the trick and light the torch. Use the flame to burn through those spider webs. Keep on moving, Luigi!

Next up, looks like a few old manual elevators, Luigi. Use Gooigi's Poltergust to bring the elevator up. Hop in it and have Gooigi reverse his air stream so you can go back down. Then hit (R3) twice to bring Gooigi down with you. Reveal the door on the right with your Dark Light and head through. 

Watch out for these Archers, use Gooigi instead of putting your own body on the line. You'll need it, remember? Have Gooigi pull the cord at the end once he gets there. Then move across to open that chest and grab a key. Head back out into the last room and go through the other door. 

Ok Luigi, Gooigi can't go through that caged of area so you'll have to do it. Have him pull that rope and beware of any ghosts that come out! Grab that key while you're over there! Head to the next room.

Whoa, that's a huge bridge. Be careful, Luigi. Pull that rope and see what happens. Ahh, a fan. I see what's going on. Blow that fan to line the bridge up correctly, once you do that blow it again with Gooigi to reverse it to get across. Watch out for those axes!

OK, this is a long level, Luigi! I think this is the last puzzle. Use both Luigi And Going to push the two carts (you'll have to reveal one with the Dark Light) to block the statues that are shooting arrows. Pretty simple, eh?

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The star of our terrific tournament is none other than King MacFrights, be sure to get to the show early to get the chance to see him prepare for all the show's action!

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OK Luigi, this guy doesn't look too bad. He's going to charge you on his ghost horse, use your flashlight to blind him when he peeks out from his armor as he's charging you. He'll get dazed and you'll be able to use your plunger to slam him and break his armor!. Do that a few times and he should get exposed. 

Wait for him to get tired out when his shield hits the ground, then stun and capture the tyrant!

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