LotRO's next major update - in screens

Turbine continues to pour blood, sweat and tears into Lord of the Rings Online, and the next major update in the pipe for the MMO is Book 12: The Ashen Wastes.

We've uploadedsix screenshotsfrom The Ashen Wastes just for you. Enjoy!

The update is introducing a new area to Monster Play - LotRO's PvP solution - zone the Ettenmors and continues the game's epic storyline. However, on top of that a number of major revisions are planned for Guardian, Burglar and Champion classes and the developer's bringing further customisation options to characters.

The Outfit system will allow you to style a new look for your avatar regardless of what you're wearing, so even if you're clunking around in heavy mail you can appear to be clothed in a nice dress.

A second customisation option is the Barbershop, via which, for a small bit of cash, you can alter your avatar's hair and facial options. So essentially if you're bored of running around with hair down to your shoulders, go get a number one.

And if all that's sent you to sleep, you probably don't want to be playing Lord of the Rings Online.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 31, 2008