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Lost: Via Domus Easter Eggs

  • PS3 | Submitted by bigboy6c

    Ghost Person

    Right after the people run out of the jungle scared of the "monster", talk to Kate, as you do so, the ghost person you saw at the beginning should walk behind Kate. Note: This will only work the first time, and it might not work at all.

  • PS3 | Submitted by me

    Bonus Photo

    In the episode where Lock takes you to see the hatch, go up to the hatch and there will be some numbers on it. Get out your camera and take a photo of it to get a bonus photo.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by A_friend


    The first time you are in a hotel during a flashback if you look up to the second floor, when you are standing next to Lisa, and you can see Hurley.

  • PS3, Xbox 360 | Submitted by anonymous

    The Odyssey

    In level 2 in the front half of the plane go to the cockpit. On your way in you should see a book, it is the Odessey a book written by Homer, it is worth $4o.

  • PS3, Xbox 360 | Submitted by iceman012

    Find Eko in 2nd Hotel Persephone Lobby F

    In the flashback where you have to take a picture of Lisa talking to the bodyguard you can find Eko. While the blonde woman is yelling at you, look up and to the left to see a rather muscular African-American in a preacher suit standing above. This is just something cool.

Lost: Via Domus Hints

  • PS3, Xbox 360 | Submitted by anonymous

    Fuse Box Hint

    If you are sick of trying to find the fuses for fuse boxes, here is a hint. After you complete a puzzle, take back the fuses and they will stay in your inventory so you can reuse them.

Lost: Via Domus Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Finderclese


    4 8 15 16 23 42 (15)
    Photograph numbers on sealed hatch

    815 (20)
    Discover all the memories in Flashback 1

    A Turn of the Screw (10)
    Photograph A Turn of the Screw

    Beam of light (20)
    Photograph beam of light coming from the hatch

    Behind the glass (20)
    Discover all the memories in Flashback 3

    Behind the wall (100)
    Complete Episode 5

    Blackmailer (15)
    Convince Locke to help

    Boom boom (10)
    Open the secret door

    Button pusher (15)
    Enter the numbers

    Castaways' Treasures (10)
    Photograph: 1- Kate's plane 2- Charlie's guitar 3- Locke's wheelchair

    Crash survivor (25)
    Complete Episode 1

    Desmond's Past (10)
    Photograph: Kelvin's jump suit Medical cabinet with vaccines Desmond's mural

    Dharma Ride (15)
    Photograph Dharma van

    Hero's hero (25)
    Save Jack

    Identity crisis (30)
    Discover all the memories in Flashback 4

    Into the hatch (75)
    Complete Episode 4

    Locate the cockpit (25)
    Complete Episode 2

    Mapping the Island (10)
    Photograph: 1- Blast door map 2- Blast door map for the hidden entrance 3- Sayid's cable map

    Pearl Station (20)
    Photograph Pearl Station emblem

    Persephone (30)
    Discover all the memories in Flashback 5

    Radzinsky (15)
    Photograph bloodstain on the Swan ceiling

    Save the castaways (15)
    Prevent the fuel leak from igniting

    Showdown (10)
    Successfully confront Beady Eyes

    Slave (15)
    Photograph skeleton in Black Rock

    Staff Station (20)
    Photograph Staff Station emblem

    Sweet memory (20)
    Discover all the memories in Flashback 2

    The way home (200)
    Finish the game

    Through the Flame (125)
    Complete Episode 6

    Via Domus (50)
    Complete Episode 3

    Whatever it takes (30)
    Discover all the memories in Flashback 6