Lost Ark's Tytalos raid is "not performing correctly"

A fight against a reptilian monster in Lost Ark
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Lost Ark developer Smilegate is telling players that it "strongly suggests avoiding" its Tytalos Guardian raid until a hotfix is deployed.

In a brief update posted online over the weekend, the Lost Ark team said that as a result of the issue, it would be "working to create a possible compensation for the players who were blocked from progressing due to this issue with Tytalos".

"We are aware of an issue within the Tytalos Guardian Raid that makes defeating Tytalos in the time frame allotted extremely difficult for the power level required to participate in the Guardian Raid, creating a blocker for progression," the statement said. 

"We are working with Smilegate RPG on a hotfix to address this issue which we are aiming to release on Monday. For the time being, we strongly suggest avoiding the Tytalos Guardian Raid so you do not expend valuable time or resources on an encounter that is currently not performing correctly."

The team hopes to be able to roll out a hotfix tomorrow, Monday, March 14, 2022, so it may be wise to hold off your raid plans until the fix has been applied.

After an announcement last week that said Smilegate had "been hard at work on crafting effective tools and methods to identify and remove bots from the game" and banned over a million "bot" accounts from its servers on March 4, the developer admitted yesterday that bots were still an issue and it was "working on internal methods and tools to make it much more difficult for bots to enter the game".

Lost Ark is already one of the biggest games to ever hit Steam. Within 24 hours of release, it clocked up so many players that it now boasts the second-highest concurrent peak ever, topping games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Amazon's own New World, which currently has a peak of 913K. The only game to have ever had more concurrent record players is PlayerUnknown's PUBG.

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