Losing your ship in No Mans Sky is a ball ache but part of the game

Now it's all well and good flitting around the procedurally-generated universe of No Man's Sky, happily naming planets after unmentionable body parts and mining resources with your Swiss Army knife-esque multitool, but what happens of you manage to lose your intergalactic ride? In an interview in the latest issue of Edge, Hello Games MD Sean Murray reveals most players lose track of their ship within minutes of picking up a DualShock 4 controller.

"It's a ball ache," laughs Murray on the subject. "I have this [design] argument with the guys all the time, but if I hand someone the controller, the first thing they’ll do is lose their ship. Even in games like Far Cry 4, Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which are huge worlds, there are pathways. They want me to go this way to get some plant at the top of a mountain, but I prefer to go this way, and I’ll just buggily hop up. We don’t have those predefined pathways."

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