Lord of the Rings Online may be getting a big update by 2022 to "capitalize" on Amazon series

Lord of the Rings Online
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The Lord of the Rings Online MMO looks set to get a big update by 2022 in order to "capitalize" on the upcoming Amazon TV series. 

As PCGamesN reports, publisher Daybreak Game Company details plans for its game line-up in an EG7 investor briefing presentation. On slide 19, there's a timeline listing "opportunities for growth." Under 2022, the slide details planned visual and technical updates for Lord of the Rings Online "for PC and next-gen consoles to capitalize on Amazon's highly publicized large investment" in the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show

Originally released in 2007 for PC, the presentation seemingly confirms the MMO will be headed to the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S sometime in the future along with the planned update. Interestingly, while not officially confirmed, another MMO set in JRR Tolkien's fantasy world is said to be in the works from Amazon. Detailed Game License Agreement documents seemingly revealed a beta is due to release sometime in 2022, but we still don't know very much about it. 

The upcoming Amazon TV series set in Middle Earth doesn't have a concrete release date just yet. Word is the show is expected to premiere sometime in 2021, but with restrictions imposed on production as a result of COVID, there is of course still a chance it will be pushed back. Reports indicate that Galadriel and Elrond will feature in the series, and Sauron may play a key role. 

Daedalic Entertainment is also bringing us another new Tolkien adventure with the upcoming Lord of the Rings: Gollum game. Set to release on PC and consoles (including PS5 and Xbox Series X), the game takes place prior to the events of The Lord of the Rings, just after Gollum acquires the one ring.  

Here all the upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games we know about so far. 

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