Lonesome Jim review

The world would be a better place if Steve Buscemi made more movies. OK, arguably not Interview, but this charming, low-fifam-dram sees him wandering through Trees Lounge territory, following Casey Affleck’s listless would-be writer as he ditches his big city ambitions to return to Schmucksville, USA and face his family and failure. It sounds depressing, but dark laughs and a good dose of truth make Lonesome Jim curiously riveting, aided by Affleck’s hangdog charisma and a vibrant turn from Liv Tyler as the life-hugging nurse who offers him a shot at redemption. Scripted by James Strouse, writer/director of Cusack grief flick Grace Is Gone (still awaiting a UK release), its paltry budget makes for shonky visuals, but if you enjoyed Buffalo 66, seek this out. It’s lovely.

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