Loki's wolf son bites the hand of gods in Norse Mythology #5 first look

Norse Mythology #5
(Image credit: P. Craig Russell (Dark Horse Comics))

Dark Horse's comic book adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology continues in February with Norse Mythology #5. 

(Image credit: David Mack (Dark Horse Comics))

"Loki's strange children are discovered by the gods and forced into their dismal fates in a grand story of betrayal and destiny," reads Dark Horse Comics' solicitation of the issue. "Then, Thor comes to the goddess Freya's aid by taking her place in an unusual wedding that is, of course, Loki's fault."

One of Loki's children, Fenrir, is shown in this cover by series writer P. Craig Russell - just after having bit off the hand of the god Týr. Fenrir only did it after being bound by Odin and the senior gods, and Týr put his hand in Fenrir's mouth in an effort to show off in front of them. 

For those that don't remember this from Marvel comics lore, remember that Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and all that followed were merely inspired by Norse mythology. Gaiman's 2017 book Norse Mythology is more accurate to those original myths, including this story about the binding of Fenris.

(Image credit: P. Craig Russell (Dark Horse Comics))

In Norse mythology (but not Marvel Comics lore), Loki had three children with the Jotun giant Angrboda - Fenrir, Hel, and the World Serpent.

As for Thor helping Freya - it's actually much more interesting than the solicitation lets on. In Norse mythology, Thor dresses up as Freya - in full wedding attire - to sneak into a wedding ceremony in order to steal back his magic hammer.

Dark Horse's Norse Mythology series is being drawn by Russell, along with David Rubin and Jill Tompson. David Mack is providing variant covers.

Norse Mythology #5 goes on sale on February 10. A collection of the first six issues is due out March 23.

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