Logan's Run gets another new director

For a long time, we all assumed that Bryan Singer would be realising his long-cherished dream of bringing a new adaptation of the William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson novel to the screen. But with his work on Valkyrie and his Superman duties keeping him occupied, not to mention a few other projects, he’s passing the torch.

Because Warner Brothers has just hired ad director Joseph Kosinski to make his feature debut with the project. The studio is keeping exact details of the new movie version under wraps, but we do know it will be low-tech sci fi in a futuristic setting. It will also – as Singer also planned – stay closer to the book than the 1976 Michael York movie, while maintaining some of the core elements – the society which kills those above a certain age, people fleeing their fate known as runners and belief in a place called Sanctuary where survivors are free to get old. And there’s also the titular Logan, who makes his living as a 'Sandman' who dispatches those above the required age, but who skips town when his own time is up.

It’s passed through the hands of several directors, including Flightplan’s Robert Schewnke and V For Vendetta’s James McTeigue, but Kosinski got the job thanks to some impressive commercials work for the likes of Nike and Nintendo alongside a presentation that showed how the film could be brought to life. And it doesn’t hurt that the former architect has a sponsor in David Fincher, who encouraged him to move out to LA and develop his directing career.

Given Kosinski’s experience with CGI, we’d hazard a guess that this new Logan’s will be shot in much the same way as 300…

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