Little Nightmares publisher is working on "what's next" for the series

Little Nightmares 2
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Little Nightmares' publisher is "continuing to work on what's next" for the series.

Earlier today on April 28, Bandai Namco and Tarsier Studios celebrated the sixth anniversary (if you can believe it) of the original Little Nightmares. Whilst also celebrating an astounding 12 million sales for the series at large, Bandai Namco slipped in a little teaser about what they're up to.

"Seeing the community growing over the years has been a blessing," said Lucas Roussel, executive producer of Little Nightmares, in a press release. "When we started Little Nightmares, we thought that we really had something special, but we are still amazed every day by our fans’ commitment to the franchise. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication and we are continuing to work on what’s next for the franchise."

You don't need to analyze this statement too hard to figure out the really intriguing part. "We are continuing to work on what's next for the franchise" is all but confirmation that a new Little Nightmares-related project, whether that be a game or something else, is in the works at Bandai Namco.

It's important to remember that developer Tarsier Studios' parent company hinted at the studio being done with Little Nightmares back in 2021, insisting they were focused on creating new IPs. Bandai Namco apparently owns the rights to the horror series though, which would mean they can work on Little Nightmares without Tarsier's involvement.

Speaking of Tarsier, the developer shared a look at its new game last month, but confirmed that it definitely wasn't a new Little Nightmares game. The studio said it was part of a new IP, so while it's sad that Tarsier is putting the excellent series to rest, we know the developer is cooking up something new that's suitably creepy.

If you're thinking of giving Tarsier's sequel a go, read our glowing Little Nightmares 2 review to find out why we deemed it a horror standout.

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