Listen to three tracks from the Dead Island soundtrack right now

Deep Silver's zombie adventure, Dead Island, is gearing up for its September release with ever more gameplay glimpses and previews. With the title having first grabbed attention with its distinctive trailer, the onus is on the developers to reassure players that Dead Island will still incorporate the requisite zombie tropes: paranoia, inventive weaponry, and preferably the third-act revelation involving something along the lines of, “Don't you see, man, we're the real monsters.” A preview of the title's suspense-generating capabilities can be found in the form of three cuts from the soundtrack, released online for your appraisal.

What do you think of these cuts? Is it worthwhile releasing previews of a game's soundtrack, if only to get across the message, “don't worry, this'll sound pretty much how you expect it to”? Still, this promo puts the title's mood somewhere between 28 Days Later and Moon (the so-so sci-fi movie with the amazing soundtrack, not the DS game) – which would be a pretty good level of suspense for the game to aspire to, no?

Aug 15, 2011