Link + Tingle suit = Zelda: Breath of the Wild NPCs freaking out

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild got its first DLC pack recently, adding (among other things) a suit modeled after the character known as Tingle. For those of you who've been blissfully unaware of him, Tingle is a polarizing figure in Zelda lore. Some adore the short, pudgy, bodysuit-wearing elf while others loathe him. But such strong reactions aren't limited to the real world, as pointed out on Twitter:

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Yup, turns out if you dress Link in the Tingle suit, NPCs will freak out when you approach them, raising their fists, drawing their swords, or just looking on in wide-eyed terror. Breath of the Wild is full of these little details (as you can see from earlier tweets in the thread), but this feels like a particularly funny nod to the fandom.

If you want to acquire the Tingle suit and go around harassing the citizens of Hyrule yourself, you'll need the Master Trials DLC. Once you have it installed, you should automatically get "EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes" added to your quest log. Head to the Outpost Ruins to pick up the Misko's EX Journal item, which gives hints on where to go next.

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Read the full guide on how to get the Tingle suit in Breath of the Wild.

For those of you who are less patient and just want to know where the costume is hiding, here are the locations: between the two ponds in the Exchange Ruins (Tingle's Hood), near a Guardian in Castle Town Prison (Tingle's Shirt), underneath a dead Guardian in Mabe Village Ruins (Tingle's Tights).

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