Lin-Manuel Miranda shares the hilarious DM Taika Waititi sent him over Encanto's catchiest song

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Lin-Manuel Miranda has revealed the hilarious DM Taika Waititi sent to him over Encanto's catchiest song, the smash-hit 'We Don't Talk About Bruno.' 

Miranda penned the songs for the Disney animated movie, and 'Bruno' in particular became a runaway success once the film hit Disney Plus. In fact, it even outpaced Frozen's iconic 'Let it Go' to become Disney's biggest song from an animated movie since 1995

Speaking to Variety, Miranda opened up on the first signs that 'Bruno' was going to become a hit. "Honestly, before it ever left my house, it was my father-in-law, Frank," the songwriter said. "He was like, 'Lin, I know I'm not supposed to listen when you're writing. But I've been singing 'We don't talk about Bruno' in my head for three fucking days!' And that was before I think I even sent it to [the film's] creative [team]  – he just heard me caterwauling in my office."

Later, Thor: Love and Thunder director Waititi got in touch with a joking complaint. "Then my wife and I went on vacation for two weeks and I started getting messages: First from friends, 'My kids can't stop singing it!,' because it really exploded when it hit Disney Plus," Miranda continued. "Then I got a Twitter DM from Taika Waititi, who I'm friendly with but I don't know that well, who was like, 'I'm gonna kill you – it's great, but my kids won't stop singing it!' And then when we got back it was like it had taken over the world."

The song details Bruno's predictions of misfortune, which always come to pass – hence why the Madrigal family don't like to talk about him. But, to save her family's magic, main character Mirabel has to learn more about her estranged uncle. 

Encanto is streaming on Disney Plus now. If you're all caught up, check out our roundup of the best Disney movies of all time for more viewing inspiration. 

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