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Lighter, more efficient PS3s on the way

Those rumours of a Slim and Lite PS3 may still be unfounded, but lighter and more efficient PS3s are in the making - thanks to "third generation" heat sinks.

Japanese company Furukawa Electric Co recently showcased a new heat sink for the PS3, said to be far lighter, smaller and cheaper than the previous two "generations" of PS3 heat sink.

We won't bore you with specifics because, by and large, heat sinks are about as exciting as snail races. But the graphics chip and CPU in the so-called "third generation" consoles will be cooled by smaller, separate heat sinks, rather than one large one, and weigh a total of 350g, compared with 700g and 500g for the first and second iterations.

The new heat sinks areapparentlyin development now, meaning we should have lighter, more efficient PS3s within months and won't need a forklift to lug our new console home from the store.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 25, 2008