Let's Talk About The Rain review

Damp, but likable Gallic comedy

Agnès Jaoui’s new film isn’t the wordy rainfest that its title implies, but a diverting comedy of humiliation set during a spell of unseasonable (if hardly apocalyptic) August weather in the South of France. Agathe Villanova (played by Jaoui herself), a feminist author looking to break into politics, goes to her sister’s to help arrange the effects of their late mother.

As a favour to the housekeeper’s son Karim (French star Jamel Debbouze), she agrees to be interviewed for a series on successful women that he’s making with filmmaker friend Michel (Jean-Pierre Bacri), though she soon discovers that her eager interviewers aren’t exactly pro standard. Rooted in richly played, likeable characters, this modest set-up percolates with smart, urbane humour, with Jaoui still finding time for some broad set-piece chuckles.

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