Let a Fallout 4 architect show you how to build a Tower of Eden

One of the biggest additions Fallout 4 brings to the series is settlements, letting players build up what the bombs, raiders, mutants, and time have torn down. And while we've seen some impressive creations thus far - including armor hangars, restaurants, and even a giant keyboard that plays the Super Mario Bros. theme - I think this "Tower of Eden" tops them all.

Part of what makes the Tower of Eden so special (aside from its sheer scale and clean look) is its creation process. YouTuber "Jug" made the tower on his PS4 version of Fallout 4 - no cheats or console commands. In other words, where a PC player could make themselves fly and clip through whatever they wanted so that they could perfectly position their materials, Jug had to manually place everything like a regular Joe Schmoe.

It's worth watching the whole video to see how the whole project came together, and Jug's clever use of Fallout 4's building materials to create the look he wanted. There's even a nod or two to other franchises, like a hallway homage to the Resident Evil movie.

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Sam Prell

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