Lemmings leap on to EyeToy

Wednesday 17 May 2006
Lemmings, the classic gotta-save-'em-all puzzler, is heading to PS2 with some clever EyeToy functionality. The game will feature a select number of levels that can be played using Sony's EyeToy device, with you using your body to usher the suicidal rodents to safety, like in this screenshot.

Above: The EyeToy cleverly picks up the outline of your body so you can create bridges for the Lemmings

The EyeToy levels are precise enough to allow you to use your arms to bridge gaps, flick individual Lemmings across the screen with your fingers, or flap your hands to blow boatfuls of critters across watery areas. Sony hasn't announced a firm release date yet, but Lemmings is expected by the end of the year, so you better get limbered up for your role as rodent hero.

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