LEGO to launch Ninjago game on Nintendo DS and new area in LEGO Universe

LEGO has announced that it will be transporting its new line of Ninjago products to the digital realm with a Ninjago branded game for the Nintendo DS from Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games, and a new Ninjago themed adventure zone for the toy brickmaker's MMO universe.

Available this Spring, LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame for the DS is a follow up to LEGO Battles that will retain the same RTS gameplay and feature customizable Ninja warriors who can take on the attributes of tornadoes thanks to their mystical Spinjitzu skillz. It will include new multiplayer challenges, a smattering of characters from LEGO Battles and the chance to tinker around with the game's main enemies, the Skullkins.

Further building on its newly released line of Ninjago goods, LEGO will also soon be opening up a new Ninjago zone called Crux Primein its LEGOUniverse MMO. In it, players will be tasked with tracking down the elusive Sensei Wu and protect the beam of imagination which dwells within the Nexus Tower. The addition will bring 100 new missions and achievements as well as a toy truck load of new weapons, decals and accessories.

It's a universal law that adding ninjas makes anything at least 245% cooler.Factoring in the release of two LEGO Ninjago video games properties within the same year,that would mathematically mean that LEGOwill soon beoperating at a whopping 490% above their normal coolness capacity.You better bring shades.

Jan 11, 2011

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